The creators of Spikeball have created a buoy that allows you to play spikeball in the water, whether in the pool, in the sea or in a lake.

If you are wondering what Spikeball is, a brief introduction is in order! It is a trampoline shaped net, which is placed between two teams of two people who hit the ball with the goal of bouncing it off the trampoline.

The Spikebuoy allows the net to be placed on floats that are all weighted with an anchor to prevent the net from moving. The carry bag contains the floats and straps, and also serves as an anchor, once you fill it with 1kg of sand.

Which Spikebuoy to buy to play in water?

We can only recommend the official Spikebuoy from the brand spikeball for playing spikeball in water.

This way you can be sure that it fits perfectly with your spikeball kit and that it is of good quality. Unlike some kits sold on the internet…

How much does the official Spikebuoy cost?

Currently the Spikebuoy is sold for 39,90 € with delivery.

How to install a spikebuoy to play in water?

To install your spikebuoy on your official roundnet kit, it’s very simple. You just have to follow the following scheme:

Don’t forget to weight down your carry bag with rocks or sand.

The Rules of Spikeball in the pool?

On water as on land the rules are the same! If you don’t know them, don’t hesitate to read the official spikeball rules.

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