Spikeball : Replacement parts

Spikeball is an increasingly popular sport played mainly outdoors, on the beach or in parks. It’s important to have quality equipment to guarantee an optimal playing experience. Unfortunately, as with any other sport, it can happen that certain parts wear out or break over time with Roundnet’s lively games. We recommend that you take good care of your Spikeball, however, should it break despite regular maintenance. Here are the various spare parts that will enable you to repair your spikeball instead of buying a new one. As well as saving money, you’ll avoid polluting the planet by buying a complete set just to replace a ball, a foot or a net.

Spikeball net replacement

The net is an essential part of your Spikeball kit. It controls the speed and direction of the ball, and its tension can be adjusted to vary the level of play. With time and intensive use, it’s possible for your net to loosen or tear. Fortunately, there are many nets compatible with your spikeball.

Spikeball replacement nets are made from the same tough material as the originals to guarantee durability and performance. They are also designed for easy installation on your kit frame. Most roundnet kits come with a replacement net, but if you need another, you can buy one separately.

When you install your new net, make sure it’s properly tensioned to maintain responsiveness during play. However, avoid over-stretching it, as this could cause it to tear prematurely. By taking good care of your net and replacing it when necessary, you’ll keep your Spikeball kit running smoothly.

Spikeball balls replacement

Occasionally, you lose a ball, it gets punctured or you want to change it. Here are the 3 official Spikeball balls.

Replacement ball


Spare kit Spikeball

kit pieces de rechange spikeball

For those looking for a comprehensive solution to wear and tear on their Spikeball kit, the brand offers a Spikeball Spare Parts Kit. This kit is specially designed for those who wish to renew several elements of their kit at once, without having to buy each part individually.

The kit includes a set of replacement spikeball feet, a net, frame tubes and balls. Each part is manufactured to the same high quality standards as the original parts in your Spikeball kit, so you can rest assured that your updated kit will meet your expectations.

Purchasing the Spikeball Spare Parts Kit from the official Spikeball website is an easy and cost-effective way to extend the life of your kit. What’s more, it offers the advantage of convenience: with a single purchase, you can restore your Spikeball kit to its original state, ready for many more wild games.

Spikeball replacement feet

The feet of your Spikeball kit are another component that may require replacement. Designed to provide stability and reduce slippage during play, they can wear out over time or become lost. Fortunately, Spikeball offers replacement parts for these essential components so you can continue to enjoy the game without any problems.

Spikeball replacement feet are made from durable rubber to ensure long life. They’re designed to fit your kit perfectly, whatever model you own. What’s more, installation is quick and easy: simply slide them into the trampoline tubes.

When replacing the feet, be sure to check their fit to ensure the stability of your kit. An incorrectly installed foot could render the trampoline unstable and potentially cause accidents. Replacing and caring for your Spikeball feet will extend the life of your kit and ensure a safe and fun game.

Spikeball spare parts FAQ :

Q: How long does the warranty on a Spikeball last ?

All Spikeball™ sets purchased directly through the official Spikeball™ website or from an authorized distributor benefit from a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY. This warranty is non-transferable.

Q: What spare parts are available for my Spikeball kit?

Replacement parts available for your Spikeball kit include the net, balls, frame tubes and rubber trampoline feet.

Q: Where can I buy spare parts for my Spikeball kit?

You can buy replacement parts for your Spikeball kit on the official Spikeball website or from authorized dealers.

Q: How much do Spikeball spare parts usually cost?

The cost of Spikeball replacement parts can vary depending on the type of part, but in general you can expect to pay between 5 and 30 euros for a replacement part.

Q: How long do Spikeball spare parts last?

The lifespan of Spikeball spare parts depends on a number of factors, such as frequency of use and the care taken with the kit. A spare part can last several years with normal use and proper maintenance.

Q: Do I need to contact Spikeball Customer Service to buy spare parts?

A: No. You don’t need to contact Spikeball Customer Service to purchase replacement parts, unless you need help choosing the right part or solving a problem.

Q: How do I know if a part in my Spikeball kit needs replacing?

If a part in your Spikeball kit is broken, warped, worn or no longer performing its function properly, it probably needs to be replaced.

Q: Are Spikeball replacement parts compatible with all Spikeball kit models?

Most Spikeball replacement parts are compatible with all kit models. However, it is always advisable to check compatibility before purchase.

Q: Is there a warranty on Spikeball spare parts?

For specific warranty information, you should consult the information provided with the part or contact Spikeball customer service.

Q: Are Spikeball spare parts available internationally?

Yes, Spikeball spare parts are available internationally. You will need to check specific availability and delivery options with the seller.