How to play Spikeball

how to play spikeball

If you’re looking to get into Spikeball, you’re probably trying to figure out what equipment is needed and how many people you need to play. Today, we’re going to address these questions to help you understand which set you should choose as well as the different ways to play depending on the players available.

What do you need to play roundnet? To play roundnet, you need the Spikeball game kit which is available from several suppliers, the favorite being the Spikeball brand round net. As far as players go, a standard game is four players, but it is possible to have only two or three if you are short.

Let’s take a look at the space requirements, equipment and benefits of the different versions, and how to manage your players to get the most out of your games. Many people may hear about Spikeball and think it’s a game for kids, when it’s definitely meant for 18+, as it’s very popular in American universities.

How much space is needed to play Spikeball?

In general, your main playing area is the center net and the surrounding area is usually limited to 3-6 meters in diameter. This can vary depending on the amount of air in the balls and their ability to bounce off the net.

This generally limits the playing areas, as you need a large flat area that has enough open ground to run freely in a 360 degree circle around a center point. This is why spikeball is popular in outdoor spaces such as parks and beaches, but it can also be played indoors, which is why physical education classes like to add it as a sport for their children at school.

Outdoor play areas for Spikeball

Spikeball is a game that can be played on a variety of surfaces, including grass, sand, and concrete. Here are some outdoor locations that may be suitable for playing Spikeball :

  • Beach – The beach is a great place for many outdoor games. It’s an ideal field for Spikeball because it’s usually free of obstacles and fairly flat, providing a near perfect space. And it’s perfect for jumping without brakes unlike grass.
  • Park – Parks offer large green spaces that are perfect for running and playing barefoot.
  • Backyards – This is a favorite place for many people, as it requires little to no travel and many have enough space to handle the large circular area that is needed.
  • Sports fields: Many sports fields, such as soccer or football fields, can be used for Spikeball as long as they are not in use by other sports teams. Just be sure to check with the local authorities to make sure it’s allowed.

Indoor spikeball areas

  • Gymnasiums : One of the largest spaces in any school, which will include large, unobstructed open spaces, as well as enough space to allow for running through the space if necessary.
  • Roundnet complex : Yes, nowadays there are indoors places dedicated to play Spikeball or Roundnet.
  • Cafeteria : This is usually a dual use space with a gymnasium, depending on the size of the school. Generally, the tables are removed for maximum open space, similar to the gym.
  • Community centers : Many community centers have indoor courts or open spaces that can be used for Spikeball. Just be sure to check with the center staff to make sure it’s allowed.
  • Basements : If you have a finished basement, you can set up a Spikeball net and play with friends or family. Just be sure to choose a flat, open area to play on.
  • Garages : If you have a large, empty garage, you can set up a Spikeball net and play with friends or family. Just be sure to remove any clutter or debris from the area to ensure a safe playing environment.
  • Schools : Many schools have indoor courts or gymnasiums that can be used for Spikeball. Just be sure to check with the school staff to make sure it’s allowed.

What equipment is needed for Spikeball?

There are many companies that have released their own “similar” product to Spikeball, but if you’re looking to get serious and play in college, it’s best to get the original Spikeball Starter Set here, or if you want better quality, you can get the Spikeball Pro Set here.

Spikeball Set

Most sets come with the same standard equipment for you to play this game. It usually consists of a net, balls and a way to carry them with you. If you choose to purchase the Spikeball pro set, you will receive a higher quality rim and net, balls that are easier to handle and grip and a backpack to carry the equipment.

Spikeball sets include:

  • Frames
  • Legs
  • Net
  • Balls
  • Bag

How many players are required for Spikeball?

Spikeball is played with four players, two players per team, who are pitted against each other to start each point. Once the serve is successful, you are then free to move in a 360 degree zone around the playing net.

How can I play Spikeball with two players?

This style of play is generally more ferocious due to the amount of space required to be covered by a single player, which makes the games go by very quickly and end quickly. There are a variety of different games that can be played by two players, which can make the game more entertaining.

Types of 1-on-1 Spikeball games:

  • Pepper – To begin, one player serves the ball to the other. Then each player alternately touches the ball up to three times to hit it into the net. You need to give your partner a chance to play defense as you practice to get better. Keep the game moving as long as possible to push yourself to your limits!
    • The goal of this drill is to work on your first contact defense and learn to read the offensive player.
  • Standard 1v1 – One player serves the ball to the other player through the net. The other player has 3 shots to send the ball out of the net. Play continues until one player can no longer return the ball to the net. In general, players make some of these adjustments:
    • Single hand only – You play the game using one hand or alternating hands.
    • Half court – You divide the court into two parts and hit the ball only on your opponent’s side.
    • Short game – Create an inner circle around the net from which shots cannot exit, forcing each player to work on his or her short and thin game.
  • Prison – Player 1 stands near the net and Player 2 stands 6-10 feet from the net. Player 2 must stand behind a line that he cannot cross, but can move laterally. Player 2 passes the ball to Player 1, who strikes it toward Player 2. Player 2 tries to make his first touch a backhand through the net so that Player 1 can kick the ball back over the net and onto Player 2. If the first touch is bad, player 1 can hand the ball off to player 2 who then tries to hit the ball over the net from a distance. Once he or she succeeds, player 1 passes the ball to him or her and play resumes.
    • The purpose of this mode is to force you to move very little to hit the ball back and forth, thus developing your skills to play better when you have a full team of four players.

How can I play Spikeball with three players?

Three player games are a little more complex and typically become an all out game or one player functions as a setup man on each team, basically allowing a 1 on 1 where the 3rd person becomes the player two on both teams. This can help you gain a lot of experience as a setup player for both offense and defense.

Types of 3-player games :

  • 1-on-1-on-1 – This is one of our favorite games when your fourth player takes too long to put on their spikes. Start with one player serving across the net. The returner and third player are now teamed up and have three touches to hit the ball out of the net. Once one player has hit the ball out of the net, the other two players are now a team and must work together to play defense on the initial hit and return the ball out of the net. Play continues until the point is taken away.
  • All-time passer – It’s player 1 against player 2. Player 3 is on both teams as an all-time passer and defender. Player 3 can play defense and make the first touch, but can never send the ball over the net.


The great thing about Spikeball is the opportunity to play with a variety of players, because every day it can vary. When you have to play with few players, you can get irritated or you can take the opportunity to improve your game and your skills, enjoy the chance to play a little differently and build up!

If you’ve never heard of Spikeball before, I’d say you’re missing out on an exciting game and you should pick up a set of Spikeball and learn why the world developed it into an Olympic sport and you’ll also see why colleges are using it today for club sports !

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