How to set up a Spikeball correctly?

how to setup spikeball

Learning how to properly set up your Spikeball game, including making sure the net is properly adjusted, can take some time and skill. You need to make sure that the net is placed on a stable, flat floor and that it has enough bounce to allow for serves and returns.

The assembly steps are just the first thing you need to do to properly set up the Spikeball game. Finding the best open area that will allow for good play is your first priority in setting up your playground.

Find the right place to play

When you want to play a game, you need to take the time to choose the right place to set it up. While any location may seem suitable, it is important for a sport to have a level playing field. You need to find the flattest spot possible, with no serious obstructions or tripping hazards, to ensure that everyone can run without a problem.

That’s why sports like soccer, soccer and baseball have dedicated and managed fields that ensure proper conditions for playing the sport. That’s why you need to spend the time necessary to set up to make sure the playing field is viable for both teams and that nothing can affect the flow of the game.

How to set up your Spikeball net

1. Insert the frames into the legs

emboiter les pieds spikeball

With the kit, this part allows you to grab a foot and insert a yellow or black frame depending on if the kit is a Pro or Standard. Fit the legs together so that the name “Spikeball” written on them faces outward. Finally continue with the next leg and the next frame piece until the assembly is complete.

2. Pre-attach your net

pre attacher le filet spikeball

To hang your net, go through the top and bottom to the hook. Choose four points to connect first to begin the initial placement and ensure balanced tension. We recommend taking the middle of the frames between each leg to pre-attach your net.

3. Tighten your Spikeball net

After attaching these four initial points, go around the circle to attach each part of the net to one of the hooks on the frame. Make sure the net is tight, it needs to be in between. If the net is too tight the ball will bounce too high. If the net is not tight enough, the risk of having pockets during the game will be multiplied. Therefore, a proof that the net is well stretched is the formation of square shapes at the expense of diamonds near the frames. Be careful not to leave the net stretched for more than one day, otherwise it will become deformed.

Inflate the Spikeball correctly

A typical ball used in Spikeball will be a yellow rubbery ball about a foot and a half in circumference that is air-filled and light to carry. The outer surface has a marking on it that resembles other sports balls, to help grip and allow control when hit when used properly.

Since the balls are air-filled, they deflate a bit between play sessions when stored, so your first goal is to make sure they are properly inflated before playing. If you are new to Spikeball and are looking for better ball handling, then you will want to be on the lower side, or less inflated, for easier play.

Inflating should be done at the 30.50 cm circumference and not always at an air pressure reading, which is why the Spikeball Pro pack comes with an easy to use check ring that you run the ball through for proper inflation and makes sure you are ready to play.

How to set up your Spikeball in video

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